Today’s TV viewing experience looks a lot like:

• “Forgot your password?” screens
• Scroll fatigue
• Endless subscription services
• Paying astronomical amounts for services you don’t use

For Seniors, using technology can be unintuitive, difficult to use, and downright an unenjoyable experience. With our AITV, it will seamlessly manage your logins across devices, payments, and more.

See how CIP’s AITV eliminates the difficulty of streaming for Seniors:

• No registrations
• No signups
• All your services on one device at the touch of a button
• No more endless scrolling for something to watch
• Provides the perfect programming for each user
• Automatically cancels services you’re no longer using


“How does it work?”
Watch this short video

“How do I get more information, or sign up?”
It’s as easy as signing up below, or contacting our representative, and inquiring about setting up an AITV for your care facility.

Spend more time doing what you love with Channel Islands Pictures’ AITV.

Talk to a Channel Islands representative to book a demonstration visit at your facility by filling out this simple form.