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It’s All
Too Much

Too many  service subscriptions.

Too many  passwords to remember.

Too many  shows to search through.

Too much  money each month.

That’s why our AI network is designed to properly manage all television services within millions of individual households. Deep learning results in “hands-off” TV, so favorite shows simply appear, and in many cases, users don’t know where they come from (and don’t care)

We’re working to create a user experience without multiple registrations, sign ins, passwords, or anything else. AI manages all of that, including making payments that will never exceed the households’ predefined budget.

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Have you ever felt you’re missing out while watching TV?

You search for shows and nothing looks good. The programs are either uninteresting or you’ve already seen them. You ask, “How can this be? There are millions of great shows out there… readily available! Why aren’t they being offered to me?”

The Future of Television


Think of autonomous cars of the future: You just climb-in and your car takes you where you want to go. The same is true for TV. You turn your TV ON and your favorite shows are there. Waiting for you – at the right price.

Our AI Network

We’re designing our technology to integrate Al and Machine Learning into individual TV screens to be able to recognize:

Channel Islands Will Make TV Simple

…and the same can’t be said for our competitors.

Be part of the mission to make the future of TV easier, and curated just for you.

In our view, one of the largest opportunities is to establish dominance in the in-home media space We think the opportunity for AI/Deep Learning like ours is massive. By aggregating streaming television through AI, our goal is to condense TV into a single, powerful user interface (Phone, Tablet, PC and TV Screen) that can be distributed on a global scale.