About us

Channel Islands is a company dedicated to delivering Artificial Intelligence to Smart TVs, and with our patent strategy, we see big opportunities to tackle several other ventures. And so, we have a portfolio of products that we are bringing to the market across many verticals from streaming television, advertising networks, film and television fundraising and more.

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Our Patents

With its SEVEN patent published disclosures, no other company has the global patent portfolio to properly deploy AI into today’s households.

When you think about AI-Powered TV, you may think it’s all about the technology, but that’s not the case. There are significant legal and political issues to be resolved. The largest of these issues have been solved with our 7 international patent disclosures owned by Channel Islands.

Our Patents

Our Last Company

Our last company was called Verimatrix, considered one of the largest and most prolific content security companies in the world (recently sold for approximately $140,000,000 to Inside Secure).

Our Team

Ross Cooper

Founder | COO

Ross Cooper has more than 35 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and corporate officer. He is an accomplished inventor with numerous issued patents to his name. 

Mr. Cooper is a co-founder of V-SatCast along with the legendary music/movie producer Quincy Jones and one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the broadband industry, Vern Fotheringham.

Phil Hurley


Phil Hurley, a lifelong California resident, holds a Masters in Business Administration from San Diego State University and has worked in media, banking, and business management in southern California for over three decades. As a business consultant Phil specialized for many years in helping repair the accounting and financial conditions of troubled San Diego-area firms. He has spent the past ten years as the Corporate Controller of one of the nation’s largest and most successful construction and engineering trade organizations.

Mike Beatty


Mike brings over 30 years of telecommunication, multimedia, security and IoT experience to Channel Islands Pictures. His role is to provide the innovative spirit and technical knowledge and ability to design and develop the products that will revolutionize the way we interact with television. With extensive experience designing and building products from large scalable software systems to IoT devices, machine learning, computer vision and speech recognition, Mike provides the breadth of experience, knowledge and ability to address the challenges of building the complex systems we create at Channel Islands.

Steve Harnsberger

Business Development

Internet media and streaming video pioneer, respected partner and deal-maker, entrepreneur, investor and thought leader. The catalyst of new streaming video companies, skilled at opening new markets for landscape-changing digital products. Acting as a catalyst and key driver of business value for leading tech companies in entertainment including NetTV, TiVo, Roxio, Kaltura, Deluxe, Jaman, and Dell.  Steve was a leader on the Founding teams of Freestyle Digital and Guidebox Inc.  Most ost recently Steve Co-Founded Universal Search and Discovery LLC in 2017, Roku’s leading universal search and SEO data onboarding partner.