Our Mission

About Channel Islands Pictures


Our Mission

Channel Islands Pictures is dedicated to introducing numerous powerful tools and applications designed to manage overabundance of media (television) services. Today, access to media has never been easier with the number of available titles in the billions.

Although easy access to billions of titles may sound appealing, the problem is identifying which titles are desirable and how best to gain access to them – at the right price. In addition, multiple people living in each household further complicates the process:

  • Which streaming services to subscribe?

  • Which titles are desirable at any given moment in time?

  • How/when to Pay?

  • How to find Discounts / Specials / Bundles?

  • When to Cancel?

  • When to watch ads (to save money)?

The founders of Channel Islands Pictures are emphatic that the only viable solution is to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the world of household television for the following reasons:

  1. There is too much information for any person to know or monitor

  2. Information changes constantly (if you could know it all)

  3. Competitors only make recommendations – resulting in households registering for too many services.

Note: Competitors receive commissions for new registrations which results in too many registrations.


AI for Television:

Think of autonomous cars of the future: You just climb-in and your car takes you where you want to go. The same is true for TV. You turn your TV ON and your favorite shows are there – waiting for you — at the right price.

In addition, your AI-powered TV learns more and gets better over time.


Channel Islands Pictures will soon be launching its app designed specifically for next-generation television named “Proxy-TV”. Afterward, numerous other applications will be launched to further enhance your “AI / TV” experience.


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