Our Story

Channel Islands Pictures was founded on March 1st of 2022 to make streaming television systems easier to manage and navigate.

The goal is to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into individual television screens that recognize:

    • Who is watching;

    • What should play at any given moment;

    • How to keep the bill as low as possible.


In addition, the AI is programmed to manage:

  • Registering for new services;

  • Cancelling unnecessary services;

  • Entering User Names / Passwords;

  • Paying Bills;

  • Redeeming Offers, Deals and Special Programs, Etc.




It is widely known that AI has the potential to transform household television in ways that are almost unfathomable today. There will be no more signing-up for new streaming services or searching for titles. Your TV will become familiar with your needs and will make sure your favorite shows are always ready to play! No questions asked!

This is not only for your own television viewing experience but that of your entire family.


Furthermore, AI systems will improve over time with the feedback you provide as follows:

    • Your preferences


    • What went wrong?

    • What went right?

    • What is being left out?

    • What can be eliminated? (Etc.)




All of this may sound obvious to anyone familiar with AI (as it is the next step forward), however there are some important legal issues to be considered. Since processes must be executed according to plans created for each household, users must agree to allow AI to take actions and not simply make recommendations.

The best way for such explicit approvals to be granted (for AI systems to manage television services) is by way of a Limited Power of Attorneylimited to household television services only. Without a Limited Power of Attorney (or similar explicit approval mechanism), AI systems could only make recommendations.

Note: Today’s TV apps primarily make recommendations although in some cases help users navigate to important web pages.




In comparison, Channel Islands’ Proxy-TV network is performed by way of Channel Islands’ patented Limited Power of Attorney system — that allows for household television sets to bring users the titles they want — Just-In-Time — at the lowest cost.


Finally, the Proxy-TV system is an easy-to-use app that can be downloaded to any smart phone. The phone (or tablet) becomes the remote control for each TV in the household and synchronizes all television systems and services.




Note: The competitors to Proxy-TV simply make recommendations leaving users to:

  • Register for new services;

  • Search for titles to play;

  • Provide credit/Debit cards to make payments;

  • Cancel services when they are no longer needed.

All of these steps can be effectively managed by AI leaving the user to enjoy television services as never before.

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