Today, you have to log in, subscribe, and jump from one streaming service to the next, and pay for subscriptions you’re not using. You either type in your passwords one special character at a time using a clunky TV keyboard or speak into your remote and pray it understood you.

With our AI TV platform, it will seamlessly manage your logins across devices, all you have to do is click and you’re in. It will manage payment methods for you.

And best of all, you set a monthly budget, and it will subscribe and cancel services depending on what you’re watching, so you’re not paying for services you haven’t used in months.

    • Automatically cancels services you don’t use.
    • Manages logins and payment methods.
    • No more jumping from app to app.
    • Eliminates “media discovery fatigue”
    • Get recommendations for popular items and hidden gems.
    • Bypass login screens and clunky TV keyboards.